Hanson & Hopewell Partner Spotlight - Bloomtown

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Meet Preyanka, Co-Founder and Creative Director of the wonderful Bloomtown

Can you tell us a little about who you are and what you do?

My name is Preyanka, and I am co-founder (technically "Creative Director") of Bloomtown, a 100% palm oil-free and cruelty-free bath and body company based in Cornwall.

What makes your business so special to you and your customers?

We're especially proud of our incredible scents that we've developed in partnership with master perfumers; each is named after the charming nooks of our very own eden, aka Bloomtown.  Take a walk through "The Woods," frolick in "The Meadow," lounge in "The Rose Garden" or chill out on "The Cafe" - so much to explore 😊 

Bloomtown Pink Himalayan Salt Soak - The Woods

Bloomtown Pink Himalayan Salt Soak - The Woods

What was it that inspired you to start your business?

My husband, Medwin, and I were inspired to found Bloomtown after living in Indonesia and witnessing first-hand the plight of the Orangutan, one of the many victims of palm oil cultivation.  Many people don't realise that 99% of beauty products on the market contain palm oil in some form and are thus not truly cruelty-free.  We pride ourselves being industry innovators and developing uniquely effective and palm-free eco-luxuries for bath, body and home.

Preyanka and her Husband Medwin

Preyanka and her Husband Medwin

Can you describe your typical day for us?

We get up (Medwin is master of the coffee!), feed Pumpkin, Chairman Meow, Lily and Horatio, our four Bali rescue kitties.  Then we head into the workshop, located about 15 mins by car from where we live in gorgeous Cornwall.  I spend about half my day communicating with customers and managing orders and the other half making products with my workshop assistant; Med spends half the day packing and sending orders and the other half labeling up what I make!  We run a tight ship 😊 

Bloomtown Blue Clay and Indigo Leaf Soothing Face Mask - featured in our Pamper gift box

Bloomtown Blue Clay and Indigo Leaf Soothing Face Mask - featured in our Pamper gift box

If you had to choose, what has been your favourite day at work so far?

Probably the day we got an email from Moonpig.com...our largest order to date!  We were super excited to bring our eco-friendly gift sets to a national audience.

Has there been a hardest day at work so far?

The hardest was putting in 13 or 14 hour days when Christmas orders were piling up...but really, I'm not complaining!

Bloomtown Pamper Trio Gift Set

Bloomtown Pamper Trio Gift Set

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a florist!  I was always obsessed with plants, flowers and scents and learned the botanical names for many by the time I was about 12.  I think in scents and remember in scents, and I feel so very lucky to be doing something I love!

What or who is your daily inspiration?

Jo Malone, another woman who started doing what she loved out of her kitchen!  Medwin bought me her autobiography for Christmas...now I just need to find some time to read it!

What is the most-loved gift you have ever received?

This past Christmas I received the snuggliest pair of Fitflop slippers, which I refuse to take off.  I even wear them to work.  I am a creature of comfort and habit!

Whether it made you laugh, cry or cringe - do you have a favourite wedding moment?

My husband is the lead singer in a band, and he's usually asked to play at friends' weddings, and it always makes it so special and memorable because he always goes out of his way to nail the bride and groom's first dance song.

At H&H we have friendship at our core - what does friendship mean to you?

Friendship is everything.  My best friend is the zaniest and most loving person in the world!  When we're together, we completely lose track of time (and direction), but have so much fun.

If you had to give the H&H #bridesmaidbible readers one piece of advice what would it be?

Be honest, but don't give unsolicited advice...it's not your day!

Shotgun (Wedding) Questions

The more the merrier or small and intimate?

Small and intimate

DIY or Designer?


Yacht or Yurt?


Hen night in or hen night out?

Night in

Diamonds or Pearls?


Cake or cheese tower?


Pure happiness is...?


If not yourself, who would you be?

Anyone of our cats, they are the most pampered and loved critters in the world!


The lovely Bloomtown Blue Clay & Indigo Leaf Soothing Face Mask and Tinted Bloom Balm feature in our luxury Pamper gift box. You can discover more of the wonderful range of organic products on bloomtown.co.uk.