Hanson & Hopewell Partner Spotlight: Meet The Great Escape

Every month at Hanson & Hopewell, we highlight one of the independent businesses we feature in our luxury bride-to-be gift boxes. This month, we’ve chosen The Great Escape, who make the most glorious natural cruelty-free skincare to help keep your bride’s left hand picture perfect ready! Here’s Emma to tell you a bit more..


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Can you tell us a little about who you are and what you do?

My name is Emma and I own The Great Escape which is a beauty salon in Truro, Cornwall. Travel is my one true love and so I've reflected that into the business with themed treatments and adventurous decor. I've also just started making our own natural and cruelty-free skincare, taking inspiration from global beauty traditions and using ingredients from small communities around the world.

What makes your business so special to you and your customers?

We do things very differently at TGE, we're not your average beauty salon. There's no white walls or whale music, but colour, themes, maps and fortune cookies! We have never liked that 'clinical' feel that some salons have and really wanted to create an escape for our customers. We're so pleased to have a relatively large community of clients that return regularly for their great escapes.

What was it that inspired you to start your business?

My love of travel. So far I've travelled to 29 countries and I wanted to incorporate that love into my career as a Beauty Therapist. I also wanted to eventually have the freedom of self employment to be as creative as I wanted...and also for the flexible time off!

Can you describe your typical day for us?

I wake up early to get the salon ready for a busy day ahead. I check the staff are prepared and do some admin. I usually put aside one day to make all batches of my skincare but this can sometimes run into 2 days. I also spend a large portion of the day researching, sketching, and formulating new products, as well as taking photos and updating social media.

If you had to choose, what has been your favourite day at work so far?

I don't think I could narrow this down to one day, however the days leading up to Christmas are always my favourite. We all wear Christmas jumpers and everyone is in such good spirits. The salon is full of clients getting ready for the festivities and coming in to purchase vouchers and products for their loved ones. It's always a great feeling on Christmas morning thinking of all the people opening presents that you made!

Has there been a hardest day at work so far?

The launch party for our recent product launch was very hard. I was so worried I didn't have enough stock so that morning I was still whipping up batches of products! It all came together in the end but next time I'll definitely try to be more prepared.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Everything! I get bored very easily so my career aspirations always changed. Even in the last 10 years I've gone from being a Beauty Therapist, to a Receptionist, a Manager and now a Skincare Formulator!

What or who is your daily inspiration?

The world!

What is the most-loved gift you have ever received?

An angel Christmas decoration made from a simple white feather...and a pizza plate from Italy.

Whether it made you laugh, cry or cringe - do you have a favourite wedding moment?

I've not been lucky enough to go to many weddings yet, however my Brother is getting married this summer so I'm sure there'll be some tears!

At H&H we have friendship at our core - what does friendship mean to you?


If you had to give the H&H #BridesmaidBible readers one piece of advice what would it be?

Oh gosh, well I guess I would make sure you have some spare make-up for the bride and some spare dance moves in case of an empty dance floor!

Shotgun wedding? See what we did there!? Well, here's the quickfire round - ready, steady, go!

The more the merrier or small and intimate?

Small and intimate

DIY or Designer?


Yacht or Yurt?


Hen night in or hen night out?

Night out

Diamonds or Pearls?


Cake or cheese tower?


Pure happiness is...?


If not yourself, who would you be?

Tricky one, although it would be great to live a day in the life of Beyonce!

The Great Escape's Midas Touch Natural Vanilla Cuticle Oil features in our Sparkler bride-to-be gift box. You can discover more about The Great Escape salon and their range of beauty products at thegreatescapetruro.co.uk