Hanson & Hopewell Partner Spotlight: Meet Bluebird Creative

Every month at Hanson & Hopewell, we highlight one of the independent businesses we love and this month we’ve chosen Bluebird Creative, a luxury wedding and event planning company, based with us in leafy Surrey. With over 10 years experience within the industry, this creative husband and wife team provide unrivalled luxury event planning services in Surrey, surrounding counties and beyond. We met Lauren, one half of Bluebird back in August and we fell in love with both her and her wedding planning business instantly. Lauren just has that natural ability to both inspire with amazing ideas and her styled photoshoots have been published in the likes of Love my Dress and Whimiscal Wonderland Weddings too. She's also one the most organised people we’ve ever met and has the best little black book in town, the perfect wedding planning combo to ensure your wedding day is an unforgettable experience.

With over 10 years experience within the industry, Lauren & Simon create the highest quality bespoke events

With over 10 years experience within the industry, Lauren & Simon create the highest quality bespoke events

Can you tell us a little about who you are and what you do?

I am one half of Bluebird Creative, a style led wedding and event planning company aiming to add people’s personalities to their events and create unforgettable moments. I am a true creative at heart and I'd say I have a bubbly personality and simply love being around people. I also adore a good list and making things look beautiful too.

My husband, the other half of Bluebird Creative, is a technician in all that he does, Mr Detail, and ensures everything’s finished to perfection. He is also that guy that could talk to anyone as he's so easy going. So we’re the perfect duo!


What makes your business so special to you and your customers?

I think what truly makes us unique is because we really get to know our clients. We really want to make their big day completely personalised to their loves and passions, so we spend a lot of time with our clients to dig deeper into their personalities. We also want them to know us and feel relaxed around us, as after all, we will be helping plan what is potentially the biggest and most important day of their lives! But also from getting to know our clients personalities, we are then able to draw on that and help add those personal touches into their events. Which I think is what makes them so memorable.

Lauren had been wanting to start her own events company for 10 years

Lauren had been wanting to start her own events company for 10 years

What was it that inspired you to start your business?

Funnily enough I toyed with starting my own events company about 10 years ago, but felt I was too young. So it has always been something I have been drawn to. However meeting my husband and us both having an entrepreneurial spirit, it grew that desire to want to go out on our own. We finally took the plunge after having our daughter, to create something for both ourselves and our family that we are passionate about and can hopefully inspire our daughter too.


Can you describe your typical day for us?

Having a one year old and being in the start up stages of a company whilst working part time in another job, can mean that my days are never typical. However they usually consist of a 4.30am alarm to head to the ice rink to teach ice-skating from 5.30-7.30am. I then head home to get back in time to look after my daughter. Emails are usually fitted in during nap time and meetings schedule on the few days she’s at nursery. I then head back to the ice rink two evenings a week for more teaching. Life is a little crazy and logistically chaotic at the moment, but I love it. My days are most definitely fuelled by coffee and perhaps a glass of wine in the evening!

Bluebird's Garden of Hygge shoot is to die for - we love!

Bluebird's Garden of Hygge shoot is to die for - we love!

If you had to choose, what has been your favourite day at work so far?

I absolutely loved every minute of our Garden of Hygge styled shoot we did in May. I had the pleasure of working with some amazing suppliers in the industry and creating something I was really proud of. The weather held out for us and all our luck aligned.

Has there been a hardest day at work so far?

Nothing stands out in particular, but I think when you are in the start up stages, the hardest things are asking yourself is this the right move to make? Should I make decision A or B? But I have learnt that there is something to be said about going with your gut instinct. It usually steers you in the right direction!

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

ApProfessional ice skater

What or who is your daily inspiration?

My daughter. That probably sounds crazy, but for me i want to inspire her, which therefore inspires me to push myself everyday. I want her to look at me when she's older and think, you're alright. I want to show her how to work hard and have fun.

In terms of inspiration for creativity in my job, i look for that everywhere. Every corner there is something to inspire and ignite ideas and sparks of creativity.

What is the most-loved gift you have ever received?

For my 30th birthday my husband created a photo made up of almost 200 photos of me and my cat baby. He had spent 2 years taking silly photos of me and my cat. But the thing that made it more special was that sadly she passed away in her sleep for an unknown reason at just age 2, only a few months before he gave me the present. So as any of you cat ladies out there can imagine, it was a much more emotional present than it was ever meant to be, but it was just amazing!


Whether it made you laugh, cry or cringe - do you have a favourite wedding moment?

A fellow romantic - this walk down the aisle story had us welling up!

A fellow romantic - this walk down the aisle story had us welling up!

Walking down the aisle, for sure. I laughed and cried, in fact I think I looked like a lunatic as I was flitting from each emotion quite rapidly (I think I was laughing at how I was sobbing?!). But it was spotting my now husband and seeing his jaw go and tears in his eyes (sorry Simon). That is something I will never forget.

At H&H we have friendship at our core - what does friendship mean to you?

Friends are the family we choose. When you start a business you truly find out who your real friends are. They are the ones who support you and what you are doing. They appreciate how hard you a trying and understand that even when more of your time is taken up, you are still friends no matter what, even if you can't see them as often.

If you had to give the H&H #bridesmaidbible readers one piece of advice what would it be?


Sometimes a bride just needs to talk through her ideas or rant about the stress. She may need you to help with some details on the day, so make sure you have listened to all her details, because at the end of the day it is her special day.


Shotgun wedding? See what we did there!? Well, here's the quick-fire round - ready, steady, go!

The more the merrier or small and intimate?

The more the merrier

DIY or Designer?


Yacht or Yurt?


Hen night in or hen night out?

Night out

Diamonds or Pearls?


Cake or cheese tower?


Pure happiness is...?

Peanut butter

If not yourself, who would you be?

Gabriella Papadakis (world ice dance champion) - hey why not :)

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Bluebird Creative help plan stylish, memorable events for all life's celebrations. Injecting tonnes of creativity and personality into their work, from initial consultation through to design, venue visits and on-the-day event management. Find out more on BluebirdCreative.co.uk

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