Wedmin - Where to start and how to survive

Whether a bride, bridesmaid, groom or possibly even colleague, you will be affected by the world of wedding admin aka wedmin. Here’s our step by step guide on where to start and how to survive this all consuming beast.


The Basics

Start with the basics, download a timeline and planning spreadsheet

Start with the basics, download a timeline and planning spreadsheet

When starting any project, what you need is a plan. The internet is full of free downloadable wedding planning timelines, we like this one from One Fab Day because it’s user friendly, UK-based (you’ll find a lot are very Amercanised) and it looks pretty cute too! This helps break up what might feel like a mammoth task into small manageable pieces and you’ll know what you need to focus on and when.

Start putting together your wedding planning bible, Wedding Ideas Magazine provide a good template for this, keeping your budget, guest list, table plan and whatever else is important to you, all in one place. We recommend setting this up as a Google Sheets document, that way you can access it when you’re on the go, share with your bride tribe or even husband-to-be so they can edit it too.


Winning at Wedmin

Our Hanson & Hopewell Winning at Wedmin gift set

Our Hanson & Hopewell Winning at Wedmin gift set

Make sure you have pen and paper with you wherever you go, like our custom-design Hanson & Hopewell notebook and pencil, you never know when you might want to scribble some ideas down. Take pictures of things you like, things that inspires you, and set up a group Pinterest board so your friends and family can do the same. Collect business cards and contacts details for possible suppliers, your favourite restaurants or lunch spots, our Hanson & Hopewell luxury gift sets come beautifully packaged in a custom-designed keepsake box, perfect for storing all these little bits and pieces.

It’s rare that you have such a good excuse to drink prosecco, all the time. Well, that depends on whether you normally need an excuse! So make the most of it, enjoy all the cork popping and toasts to you and your partner. And what better way to encourage your bride tribe to get involved with the wedmin than to get them round for some fizz and nibbles. Or why not host your own cocktail masterclass and decide on your reception cocktail menu - they’ll be helping you tick something off the wedmin list without even realising. Take a look at Hopewell’s favourite wedding cocktail recipes here.


A Change of Scenery

Walcot Hall's super cute Dipping Shed 

Walcot Hall's super cute Dipping Shed 

They say that planning a wedding and moving house are some of the most stressful things a couple will experience. Firstly, don’t worry if there are tensions, it's totally 100% normal to argue over a guest list, or get frustrated that hubby-to-be just doesn’t care, which shade of peony will look best in your centre pieces. However, there are some little things you can do to avoid the tension and make the whole experience more enjoyable, and dare we say it, possibly even fun.

Got a weekend of wedmin ahead of you? Plan to head to your favourite breakfast spot. Discussing your vows, DJ playlist or seating plan can be so much more enjoyable with a mimosa in hand and pancakes with fresh berries hey? Plus you’ll be grateful for that one on one time, something that is easily neglected in the run up to a wedding but oh so important.

You might find that you’ve saved all your annual leave for that honeymoon of a lifetime so make the most of the weekends and enjoy a mini break when you can. A sneaky little weekend away will help you feel refreshed and you can look forward to all the exciting things ahead without the wedmin fog clouding you both.

My partner and I went to stay at our wedding venue to get away for a few days, the quirky self-catering properties at Walcot Hall offer the perfect romantic hideaway, there’s very limited phone signal and you feel like the only people around for miles - pure escapism. And even better that you can explore your venue and the surrounding area just the two of you, it will definitely be a special place for us for years to come.


Wedmin ’n’ Chill

Speaking of escapism, planning a wedding and spa days go hand in hand don’t they? And whether planning your own wedding or helping to plan your best friend’s, it can feel like a full time job. It’s therefore key to make sure you plan for some pampering, it would be wrong not to, right?

A spa day can work wonders for a stressed out bride or to thank your fabulous bride tribe, and bridal beauty is key in the run up to the big day so it’s not just pure indulgence. You deserve to feel like the best version of you on your wedding day, and you’ll have so many things to think about, make sure your skin, hair and nails aren’t one of them. Be sure to book any treatments two weeks before the wedding though, you need to give our skin time to recover and don’t want any breakouts for the big day.

Hanson & Hopewell's Wedmin 'n' Chill gift set

Hanson & Hopewell's Wedmin 'n' Chill gift set

Don’t have time for a spa day or want to continue the pampering from home? The Hanson & Hopewell Wedmin ’n’ Chill gift box is full of luxury award winning organic beauty products hand picked from the best independent British makers and featured in the likes of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and InStyle magazine. It comes packed full of de-stress vibes and the power to tackle those last-minute plans.


We created the #BridesmaidBible to be the go to destination for the discerning Bride and her Tribe. We want to help you celebrate your friendships and provide help and advice for all those wonderful yet sometimes challenging times that can arise when planning a wedding. From wedding inspiration, classy hen party tips, to a few of our favourite things, we hope you have fun with us along the way. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for or need help with planning your dream wedding, get in touch with us on social @hansonhopewell, or drop us a line at we love to hear from you.

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