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Hanson & Hopewell. Luxury gifts for the bride-to-be.

We created the #BridesmaidBible to be the go to destination for the discerning Bride Tribe. We want to help you celebrate your friendships and provide help and advice for all those wonderful yet sometimes challenging bridesmaid situations that arise. 

From wedding inspiration, classy hen party tips, to a few of our favourite things, we hope you have fun with us along the way. And just in case you’re not actually sure what it is Hanson & Hopewell do and why, here’s Hanson to tell you a little more.

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Bride-to-be Gifts

The Hanson & Hopewell concept is simple. Beautiful, thoughtful, luxury gifts for brides. Our signature bride-to-be gift boxes are full of the little luxuries every bride needs on the lead up to the big day, from custom-designed wedding planning journals to jot down all of her ideas to handmade organic beauty products ensuring that her skin is glowing to beautiful limited edition hand-printed bridal kimonos to ensure that she’s Instagram ready on the morning of her wedding.

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Hanson & Hopewell's Best Bridesmaid Tips

So you’ve been asked to be bridesmaid, an official member of the bride tribe, a bride babe… Congratulations! If this instantly instills fear then don’t worry, we have outlined our top tips for being the best bridesmaid. Or perhaps you think you’ve totally got this in the bag, you were born to be Chief Bridesmaid, either way keep these gems of advice up your sleeve and your bride will know she made the right decision!

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