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How to choose the perfect bridesmaids dresses

Selecting the right bridesmaid dresses for your bridal party doesn’t have to be the challenge everyone makes it out to be. Everyone has stories about the nightmare bridesmaid who won’t wear a certain style or colour, but choosing your bridesmaids is a whole other story. Whether you want to pick your bridesmaids dresses yourself or provide a dress guide for your maids to pick their own, the overall goal is that their dresses complement your wedding style so that you can look back on the pictures with absolute pleasure. Here are our top tips to ensure you nail your bridal party look.

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Hanson & Hopewell's Best Bridesmaid Tips

So you’ve been asked to be bridesmaid, an official member of the bride tribe, a bride babe… Congratulations! If this instantly instills fear then don’t worry, we have outlined our top tips for being the best bridesmaid. Or perhaps you think you’ve totally got this in the bag, you were born to be Chief Bridesmaid, either way keep these gems of advice up your sleeve and your bride will know she made the right decision!

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