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Bride-to-be Gifts

The Hanson & Hopewell concept is simple. Beautiful, thoughtful, luxury gifts for brides. Our signature bride-to-be gift boxes are full of the little luxuries every bride needs on the lead up to the big day, from custom-designed wedding planning journals to jot down all of her ideas to handmade organic beauty products ensuring that her skin is glowing to beautiful limited edition hand-printed bridal kimonos to ensure that she’s Instagram ready on the morning of her wedding.

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Luxury wedding gifts for the bride

Of all the gift buying occasions, an upcoming wedding for one your favourite friends or family members can be one of the hardest to get right. A luxury wedding gift to help your bride remember her day forever and one that will stand out amongst a host of others could be a challenge. Here at Hanson & Hopewell, we’re all about finding the best luxury wedding gifts from independent businesses to make your lives just that little bit easier, so take inspiration from these unique suggestions to make your wedding season a gifting success.

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