Wedding anniversary: Throwback to 2014

It’s been three years since I tied the knot and the time has completely flown by in a glorious summer haze. When a wedding anniversary comes around it allows us to pause, reflect and relive those wonderful wedding memories, so I thought it would be the perfect time to share some information about our wedding day – to help those newly engaged brides wondering how to start wedding planning, to provide some inspiration to brides on the lead up to their wedding or perhaps quite simply to allow me to reminisce about what a fantastic weekend we had with all our favourite friends and family! Let’s throwback to June 21st 2014.

French destination wedding

We chose to get married at Chateau Rigaud in France – our decision for a destination wedding was led by three motivations – firstly our love for cheese, bread and wine. The key goal of course, to consume as much delicious French food as possible! Secondly, to do something a little different. We had been to several amazing English countryside weddings over the years and as much as we had enjoyed them, we decided that wasn’t quite right for us. And thirdly, selfishly, we wanted to have all of our favourite people not just for one day, but for a full three days of fun. A wedding day as a guest feels like it goes all too quickly, and you spend so much time planning the event, for us, it felt like it was only right to spread the festivities out over a few days, so that everyone could make the most of the trip too.

Chateau Rigaud French vineyard wedding

Chateau Rigaud French vineyard wedding

DIY and luxury combined

As a perfectionist by nature, I like to have the best of both worlds. For me there were areas where I wanted to treat myself and splash-out and other areas where I wanted to put my own personal stamp on our wedding day and create a custom experience.

My extravagant items were my Jenny Packham Esme dress and Emmy London Francesca shoes. I still to this day, think that these luxury items are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I’d never purchased anything designer before (or since!) and threw caution to the wind (along with my bank balance.) But it was completely worth it. Everytime I now wear my shoes, it’s pure delight and brings me back into a fantasy world.

Music at a destination wedding is tricky, so luckily for us, we have three super talented friends who were happy to play and sing our song choices during our wedding ceremony and at our reception, as well DJ from our bespoke playlist. We also created our favourite cocktails, created all the signage and decorations for the wedding ceremony, reception and bar. It was super important to me that the venue wasn’t just a shell, that people who attended could feel our personalities shining through too.


Games, games, games

Pretty much everyone who knows me understands how obsessed with board games I am. I’ve never really been a fan of favours, so thought I would integrate my love of games into table centerpieces with each table setting having a playing piece. Cue instant interaction on arrival!


Securing a good photographer

For me, ensuring that every moment was captured in a high quality way was one of my top priorities. We were fortunate that one of our friends had discovered a then unknown photographer who was experimental in his shooting and loved to play with composition and textures. We’re super pleased with the results and are happy to share the