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A Hanson & Hopewell Spotlight: Lizzie - Bride-to-be

As the eternal single girls, living together in our heavenly ‘boy free’ bachelorette pad, my dear friend Lizzie and I didn’t think the day we chat wedding plans would ever come! We were far from crying over Bridget Jones and planning our future cattery business, it’s fair to say, we were really enjoying single life. Little did we know though that three years later, I would be married, and Lizzie would soon be walking down the aisle too – and all thanks to tinder! On this week’s #BridesmaidBible entry we chat to the gorgeous Bride-to-be Lizzie for a real account of all things wedding planning - a Hanson & Hopewell spotlight on the Bride-to-be.

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The 5 must have cocktails for your 2017 wedding

You might have already realised that here at H&H, we’re slightly cocktail obsessed. And for us a wedding is not a wedding without a signature cocktail on offer. Once you’ve planned and organised the reception, the dress and the table plan – it’s time to work the detail, so don’t let the bar become an afterthought! At Hopewell’s summer French destination wedding, we both had lychee martinis and rum jungles to rehydrate the team in style, whilst Hanson entertained with mulled wine and lumumbas at her Christmas festivities (whilst also sharing her passion for gin with gin bottles as table settings).  We couldn’t let the summer pass without sharing our favourite must have cocktail recipes for your 2017 wedding. We’ve certainly enjoyed the research. It’s a hard job eh!

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