We grew up on opposite sides of the UK...

Hanson in deep darkest Wales… Hopewell in the Garden of England. Our very own love story begun on a cold winter’s morning, when Hanson, stumbled into Hopewell’s office for an interview. Hanson of course got the job and she spent several clandestine office meetings helping Hopewell plan her forthcoming nuptials.

And that’s where our idea started.

As well as strategising Hopewell’s wedding, we were both in the midst of wedding season for several of our best friends. We wanted to find something meaningful to buy as a gift to celebrate the significant moment. But it was so difficult. With endless searching of online and high street stores, we felt uninspired by the products available, disappointed by the quality and the impersonal touch, with nothing truly reflecting the love and excitement we felt for our friends at the most exhilarating moments of their lives.

So we created Hanson & Hopewell.

To help you celebrate your bride-to-be with a beautifully curated gift box filled with luxury handpicked gifts, perfect for celebrating engagements, hen parties and the wedding day too.

We work with independent UK creators showcasing unique designs and classic prints, selecting the presents that we feel are an essential part of a bride’s wedding journey. (And what perhaps was missing on the lead up to our own!) Each gift is personalised with a handwritten note from you too.

There’s no better feeling to be part of the process, celebrating the moment the ring gets placed on HER finger, helping to decide on THE dress, and organising the right of passage for her hen do – and being able to do it in a chic way.

We think a meaningful Hanson & Hopewell unique wedding gift helps you jump on board the wedding train with both feet and expresses just how much she means to you. And she’ll remember these gifts and the one who gave them to her long after her wedding day.

So why don’t you take a look at our signature gift boxes today and celebrate your friendship together.